The Greeks were also fascinated by the story of Medusa. This mythological character, also called a Gorgon, was said to turn people into stone when they looked into her eyes. The creature was a monstrous female with snakes in place of hair. As a result, she was often referred to as one of the most fearful creatures in Greek history. But she is not the only one who is feared by the people of the ancient world.

The myth says that Medusa was a beautiful and savage monster who could turn people to stone with her head filled with venomous snakes. Her face is made up of a multitude of features, including a glowing green eye, gold earrings, and a warriors temple. The Medusa slot game is based on Greek Mythology, so the symbols are also authentic. However, her appearance has been a topic of debate. In the past, it was believed that Medusa had a great appetite for human blood.

The Medusa slot game is easy to play, and does not require you to spend a fortune to win. In fact, the only way to win big is to land a large winning combination. The Medusa logo acts as Wild symbol, while the Pegasus icon serves as Scatter. The Free Spins bonus round can trigger a Multiplier, which will increase your profits. And, if you are lucky, you can trigger a Super Spin round which will double your profits by five times!