Classic Fruit


The payout patterns for the Classic Fruit slot machine game are somewhat similar to those of Conga Party, which makes this slot similar to the latter. The only difference between them is the payout range. It is not easy to predict the exact payout amounts when playing Classic Fruit for real money, but a little research will help you make an informed decision. For starters, this slot does not have a Wild symbol or Scatter symbol. The bonus features of the game are not available.

One of the most popular slot games in the world, Classic Fruit is a simple and straightforward slot game. The most common combinations are the bars, bells, and lucky sevens. A combination of all three symbols on a pay line will yield a winning amount of around $ 1,000. The amount of coins you bet will vary depending on the number of pay lines you choose. The pay lines start at $0.01 and go all the way up to a maximum of 25.

The fruit symbols on a slot machine are cherries, bananas, and lemons. The cherries award the most free spins, followed by the queen and king. All other fruit symbols are also worth playing, so you might as well try your luck. The more fruits you match the better. If you are lucky, you will get triple the number of free spins. This makes the Classic Fruit the most popular slot machine, so try it for yourself.